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Black Girls, Brown Girls What Could You Be?


The FIRST of the BGirls & BBoys series, in 'Black Girls, Brown Girls,' you'll see that you can be anything you dare to dream. This book is the first in a vividly illustrated series to encourage all BGirls (Beautiful, Brilliant, Bold, Blessed Black and Brown Girls) and BBoys (Beautiful, Brilliant, Bold, Blessed Black and Brown Boys) to strive to reach their highest potential. Throughout the series, you'll meet new characters who follow in the footsteps of some of our greatest heroes and heroines. In this intro to the series, Amina, Makeda, Nealla, and Naima Jenaye will explore the depths of their dreams and meet other BGirls who have forged a path for them. Readers will see images of Dominique Dawes, Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Allyson Felix to name a few. They will be engaged through the rhythmic text and vivid illustrations. This is an illustrated poem inspirational for any age, but the reading level is for ages 0-9. Price does NOT include tax and shipping.

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